Urethane Standard Shapes

Urethane Standard Shapes
Urethane Shapes

Urethane Standard Shapes

Our product lines, such as pads, rods, bars, wear strips, and sheets, have been manufactured from high-performance materials to meet the demands of many industrial applications.  They are an ideal solution in low-volume R&D projects.  We offer a variety of hardnesses and can custom mold any of these items in a specific color or size to fit any requirement not listed. 

We can also offer a host of different services to finish these raw stock materials into the finished parts.

Some of these processes include:

  • Water Jetting
  • Slitting
  • Die Cutting
  • Machining
  • PSA Application

It is also important to note that sometimes molding a part can be more cost-effective than machining or cutting it out of raw stock materials, even in low volumes.  We would be happy to quote either manufacturing methods for cast urethane products.