Technical Data

Technical Data


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  • Stress/Strain Curves
  • Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
  • Coefficient Of Friction
  • Thermal Conductivity

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Hardness: As mentioned in our polymer selection procedures, hardness is not a good indicator of performance. The table to the right is a great example of how two materials of the same hardness or durometer can measure the same, but have very different mechanical properties . We cast products using many different urethane systems that have the same hardness, but with very different physical properties.
  • Load Bearing Capacity: Urethane's exceptional load bearing capacity exceeds that of most all other elastomers. It also possesses recovery and deflection properties that are unmatched by any other plastic or metal. Load bearing capacity is a critical element in our design process, and we work closely with our customers to determine the load requirements of the products we manufacture.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Urethane's abrasion resistance allows it to perform exceptionally when products are exposed to environments such as wear related erosion, impact, sliding and impingement. When our urethane products are exposed to these conditions, as a replacement to plastics and rubber, our customers typically see an increase in wear-life of 8 to 1 or greater.
  • Additives: When an application requires it, Precision Urethane & Machine can include special additives to our formulations, which allow our products to perform in ways that the typical urethane systems cannot. These performance-enhancing materials greatly increase the life of our products. Please call us for more information.
  • Adhesion To Metals and Plastics: In our manufacturing process, we take great care in properly preparing the materials we bond to our urethane products. In most cases, the bond strength to metals will exceed the tear strength of the urethane. We carry a variety of bonding agents that allow us to bond urethane to almost any material.