Finishing Services

Finishing Services

Surface Preparation and Painting

Surface preparation and finishing are another value added service offered at Precision Urethane and Machine, Inc. to ensure our products are both corrosion resistant and durable in demanding applications.

Surface preparation for material bonding:

Proper adhesion of polyurethane to composite and metal surfaces starts with surface preparation.  This critical step in our manufacturing process is needed to completely clean the surface of any impurities which can lead to delamination and bond failure. This process is monitored closely and controlled. 


Coating Quality Control

In addition to traditional post-production anti-corrosion finishing services, we also coat the surface of the metals and plastics we bond our polyurethane materials to. We use a number of bonding agents (adhesives) in our manufacturing process to ensure maximum bond strength to the polyurethane. Some of the bonding agents are designed to handle higher heat applications, where as others are used in more corrosive areas where delamination frequently occurs. Each type of system has its own application process where coating thickness and strict processing conditions must be maintained and controlled.

Visual inspections are performed on bonded and painted products to ensure the coating is applied correctly with a uniform surface finish. Samples are taken for each days production for inspection. Mechanical measurements are taken to validate the target coating thickness is being maintained. If the coating is too thick or too thin, the bond strength of the finished product can be significantly impacted causing premature failure in parts used in demanding high wear industrial applications.