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Polyurethane Pads & Bumpers

Our standard cast urethane pad is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and can be custom formulated for specific applications. We offer a wide selection of polyurethane pads to suit almost any application.

Polyurethane Pad Applications & Sizes

We offer a wide range of polyurethane pads that can be purchased for multiple applications such as bumpers, gaskets and mounting pads. When polyurethane is mounted onto machinery and used as a bumper, the pads are able to reduce machine noise or vibration, and absorb the effects of material impact, while extending the life of your machine and parts. Many other custom parts can also be waterjet or die cut out of urethane pads saving on setup costs.

Polyurethane pads are extremely durable and can be ordered in the following options: 

  • Standard color: natural (Other colors are available upon request)
  • Standard Thickness tolerances of ±0.030, (pads >.250”TK, >90A,>48" may vary up to .062)
  • Length and Width +/-.125
  • Hardness range from 20A to 70D (standard hardnesses: 60A, 70A, 80A,90A)
  • Large polyurethane pads up to 12” X 52” X 142”
  • Water Jet Cutting Services Available
  • Die Cutting Services Available