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Polyurethane Rod & Bar

Polyurethane rods & bars are versatile products well suited for machining into custom items in low volume products such as bumpers, stops and bushings. Specialized formulations allow for ease in grinding or machining. Other available formulations include high rebound urethane with low compression set characteristics, high-temperature  formulations, and abrasion-resistant. We offer a large tooling selection with little to no setup costs on most orders.


  • We offer custom formulated compounds
  • Custom sizes and lengths with large polyurethane rods casting available for sizes over 24" OD.
  • Standard color: natural (other colors are available)
  • Hardness Ranges from 20A to 70D (stock hardnesses: 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A)
  • OD Tolerance: < 3" +/- .30, > 3" +/- .062
  • Length Tolerance: +/- .125