Polyurethane Seals

Polyurethane Seals

Our polyurethane seals are molded to tight tolerances and can be designed to withstand extreme conditions, while maintaining the flexibility needed to seal in the most demanding industrial applications.

Services Offered

  • In House Machining Services
  • Design Services
  • Cost Effective Prototyping
  • Specialized Bonding Procedures for Insert

Custom Molded Seals

Precision Urethane produces molded polyurethane seals economically, in low and high volumes, by utilizing multi-cavity tooling and compression molding presses, with platens up to 45". We can cast or machine large polyurethane seals and machine them up to 50" diameter. We manufacture a number of different styles, which include:

  • Urethane cup seals (U-cup seals)
  • Urethane backing seals
  • Urethane chevron seals
  • Urethane dual lip seals
  • Dual-durometer seals

Applications that use Urethane Seals

Cast Urethane seals provide excellent abrasion resistance, elasticity, chemical resistance and rebound. These seals are most commonly used in medium duty applications that involve a pneumatic cylinder, rod or piston. We service many different industrial applications and have developed a number of formulations tailored to provide solutions to both OEM's and end users, including:

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Bulk material transfer systems
  • Liquid transfer systems
  • Automotive assemblies
  • Offshore riser systems
  • Mobile Hydraulics