Cast Urethane Product Manufacturing

Cast Urethane Products

Cast Urethane Products

Precision Urethane has manufactured countless urethane parts and products used in many industries worldwide. We provide cast polyurethane manufacturing solutions for high and low volume production. Manufactured using high-performance resins, curatives and additives, our cast polyurethane products can be manufactured in almost any hardness or shape. This is possible through a number of manufacturing processes which employ state-of-the-art technology at each processing step. With experience in highly customized products, we welcome complicated projects and difficult applications.

Precision Urethane manufactures custom molded polyurethane products which span a wide range of industrial applications. Our scope of services were developed to handle large and small scale design and prototype projects, to high volume contract manufacturing agreements.

Manufacturing History and Experience

We have over 49 years of experience in custom polyurethane molding. Over the years, we have cast some of the most intricate and difficult products in the Polyurethane industry. We bring a fearless spirit and a long history of outstanding quality, product performance and customer service to meet the ever changing needs of our customer base. Please review some of our past successes in our projects portfolio.

Urethane Processing Technology

We utilize a number of molding process technologies such as: transfer compression molding, spin casting, open casting and vacuum casting to low pressure injection molding. We manufacture products ranging from wheels to wipers in sizes from 1 gram to 2,000 lbs. We use state-of-the-art casting machines with outputs ranging from 200 grams per minute to 125 pounds per minute. We carry a wide array of urethane material systems and additives which allow us to not only meet performance requirements of our customers, but accomodate pricing as well.

For more information on the typical processing methods that we use in our manufacturing process, or to view more of the cast products we manufacture, please visit the pages below.


Typical methods used to mold polyurethane products

Compression Molding

Liquid polyurethane is poured into an open mold and placed in a heated compression press and pressure is applied to extrude the material into all areas of the mold.

molded urethane parts

Open Cast Molding

Liquid polyurethane is poured into an open mold which is placed in an oven or on a heated table.

molded urethane parts  molded urethane parts

Spin Casting

Liquid polyurethane is poured into an open mold which is spinning. This process is designed to remove any air entrapped in the pouring process.

molded urethane parts        molded urethane parts

Low Pressure Injection Molding

Liquid polyurethane is injected into a closed mold which is fastened together with bleed gates designed to allow the air to bleed out of the mold in the injection process.

molded urethane parts  molded urethane parts

Physical Properties of Cast Polyurethane Products

The performance criteria of polyurethane products is measured using data obtained from tests designed to isolate an individual characteristic of the finished material. These tests are typically run according to an established set of standards provided by an accredited organization such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) who define the procedure in detail ( There are many different tests and procedures which can be performed on polyurethane materials. The primary function of these procedures is to establish a set of predictable performance properties that can be used to design a product which will meet a predetermined set of performance requirements. Precision Urethane has developed a significant base of polyurethane material data which we use to determine the correct material for application conditions.



Examples of the cast urethane products we manufacture: