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Urethane Scraper Blades

Our urethane wipers (also known as polyurethane scraper blades) are used in many industries and OEM equipment worldwide. Cast polyurethane scraper blades are flexible, non-corrosive, chemical resistant and can withstand continued service under some of the most demanding conditions. They can be cast separately or bonded to a variety of materials. The Urethane hardness used for scraper blades ranges from 70A to 70D depending on the flexibility needed for the application. Urethane can typically out wear rubber 10 to 1 in most abrasive applications, as well as last three times as long as the most durable metal scrapers.

How Cast Urethane is used as a Wiper/Scraper Blade

There are several different uses for a polyurethane wiper or scraper blade because of their unique characteristics, and high resistance to abrasion or chemical degradation. The following applications are only a few of the many ways that polyurethane can be used as a wiper, scraper, sealer or mixer.

Conveyor Belt Wipers

There are numerous types of conveyor belts that handle a diverse amount of materials such as dry food products (grain or feed), wet food products (dairy, meat, poultry or seafood), and mining materials (specifically slurry systems). Most wiper blades are designed where one side of the blade has a relatively low durometer (70A), which keeps it flexible, allowing it to act like a squeegee and move liquid along efficiently. The other side of the scraper is much harder (90A durometer), giving it the capacity to push particles down the conveyor while eliminating any residual vibration from the softer half of the blade.

**The Food Processing Industry requires that materials be FDA approved (dry food products) or USDA approved (wet food products).

Resurfacing Slurry Seal Wipers

Urethane slurry wipers are used in the micro paving process to disperse a slurry solution evenly into cracks or pot holes found in pavement when repairing or patching streets, side-walks or gravel. These slurry wipers have excellent abrasion resistance, high durability and, when compared to metal, lower the cost of repairing/replacing ground-level elements such as street reflectors and manhole covers. With proper usage and equipment care, urethane slurry wipers should last for years.

Snow Plow Blades

Urethane snow plow blades are incredibly durable, and are designed to reduce vibration and feature two rows of slots so that both sides of the blade can be used, doubling its service life. Urethane provides a flexible enough surface to minimize damage to runway lights, cobblestones, decorative bricks and other roadway objects commonly integrated into concrete and asphalt surfaces.

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