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Polyurethane Gears & Sprockets

Polyurethane Gear Cast Urethane Gears

Our large cast polyurethane gears offer solutions to problems other materials cannot. They are impact, chemical, and abrasion resistant, yielding properties that cannot be achieved using rubber or steel. The teeth flex allowing for slight misalignment yet retain the rigidity to perform. If requested, Precision Urethane can design custom polyurethane gears using a specific durometer so they will sheer, saving more expensive parts of equipment.

Polyurethane Gear Shapes



Polyurethane Gears vs. Metal Gears

When designing drive-gears, polyurethane has a lower tooling cost when compared to specialized machining and finishing costs of metal gears and sprockets. Precision Urethane has the capabilities to add features such as steel hubs manufactured in our machining facility that can be molded into the gear design in order to strengthen the polyurethane gear. We can also add friction reducers into our gears to lower the coefficient of friction and reduce the dynamic heat buildup in high R.P.M. applications. These gears are also sound dampening and can greatly reduce noise due to vibration.

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