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Polyurethane Engineering Solutions


Tooling Design

Tooling design is one of the most critical aspects of producing a quality-molded polyurethane product. As part of our production process, we determine what type of processing method is best suited for the product. We work closely with our customers to determine the material, production requirements, part cost, and tolerances when designing our tooling. Once we have established the processing method best suited for our customer's product, our engineering department then creates production drawings for machining for the tooling.

By producing tooling in-house, we maintain shorter lead times and control every aspect of dimension, finish, and tolerance.

Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA Services)

When an application requires it, Precision Urethane can supply FEA services for dynamic applications. Many of the compounds we use to manufacture our products have undergone extensive lab testing to develop the necessary data. This allows us to provide our customers with detailed reports revealing high stress areas and potential failure points given specific load conditions using 3D models of the part. Applying this technology in the design process can quickly validate appropriate material selection and reduce the time required for prototype testing. This will ensure a successful urethane product design before manufacturing the tooling which can reduce costly mold revisions.

Cast Urethane Product Design

Our Engineering and Sales staff can assist you in the selection of the correct compound for your product and design it to fit your requirements. We work from sample products to hand drawn sketches. We can turn any idea into a working prototype in a minimal amount of design time.

Important Product Design Considerations:


After consideration of each of these elements, Precision Urethane & Machine, Inc. can assist you in following the necessary steps to ensure you get all the information required to design a successful product. It is also important to note that a consideration of tooling cost, or how a product can be designed to minimize tooling cost, can be a consideration in the product design. We can assist you in this area as well.

Design Process

  1. Prioritize the engineering properties and design characteristics you feel are critical for your application.
  2. Material selection. We can suggest a compound and use a variety of curatives and additives to increase or decrease specific engineering properties that are critical to the application.
  3. Manufacture a prototype. In many situations, we can use in-house tooling and machine the prototype without large tooling costs.
  4. Prototype Testing. We routinely submit several different compounds to our customers whose products see extreme environments for testing in hopes of extending the life of products we manufacture.
  5. Make any necessary changes to the compound or design to eliminate any concerns noted in testing.
  6. Submit a physical properties data sheet to be added to the drawing.

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