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Precision Urethane has manufactured countless urethane parts and products used in many industries worldwide. We provide cast urethane manufacturing solutions for high- and low-volume production. Manufactured using high-performance resins, curatives and additives, our cast urethane products can be manufactured in almost any hardness or shape. This is possible through a number of manufacturing processes which employ state-of-the-art technology at each processing step. And with experience in highly customized products, we welcome complicated projects and difficult applications.

Urethane Casting Process

In order to start the process of creating a polyurethane (PU) mold, we must first receive a master pattern. This master pattern can be a part that you supply or a stereolithography prototype which has been created from a 3D CAD drawing. That master pattern would then be the basis of your polyurethane (PU) mold as it is covered in silicon and allowed to harden. That hardened silicon mold is then filled with a PU casting material which has been chosen to best fit your applications requirements. By using this process Precision can produce several polyurethane castings can be made from the initial prototype.


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