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Molded Urethane Products

Urethane products can be found in almost every industry worldwide. Global utilization of polyurethane (PU) products is possible due to polyurethane's mechanical properties and the means in which they can be manipulated through the use of different curatives and additives. This creates a number of unique opportunities to address application specific problems while maintaining performance characteristics unequaled in any other material.

Urethane molds span a very broad hardness range and impart a vast array of mechanical properties which make them well suited for many applications. Hardness is the primary unit of measure for PU products and is measured on two separate scales. The Shore A scale is used for softer durometers and the Shore D scale for harder durometers (hardnesses). Examples of Cast Polyurethane Products range from sponge like drain covers (20 Shore A), Conveyors rollers (90 Shore A), to bowling balls (80 Shore D).

Manufacturing Polyurethane Parts:

Molded urethane products typically contain 2-4 components consisting of a resin base, 1-2 curatives and a colorant such as a pigment or dye. Most manufacturers use meter-mix and dispense machines to mix the components into a homogeneous liquid which can then be introduced into a heated mold to create the finished product. Typical methods used by Precision Urethane to mold urethane products include:

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